Easter Love 56cm x 42 cm Partial DIY Short Lint Fabric 5D Diamond Painting Canvas Kits 2.8mm 26 facet Drills, AB Drills Included

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This is a DIY partial round 5d diamond painting, on our 360-degree panoramic short lint canvas.

Painting area: 56cm x 42 cm

Canvas area: 64cm x 50cm

This diamond painting includes 2 AB diamonds colors


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All of our short lint diamond paintings contain 26 facets 2.8mm drills.

The short lint canvas is cotton based with dye diffusion thermal transfer.

Bright colors and realistic effect.  Sew, fold and easy mounting.


100% precise, full-automatic digital spray, high quality and advance glue technology.

Environmentally friendly, water-based glue that is water-resistant, cold-resistant and UV-resistant.



  1. Put the diamond drills on to the plastic tray. Shake and turn them to make them heads up.
  2. Fill the end of the plastic pen with the pink wax.
  3. Use the pen head to press the top of the head of the diamond drill softly. The wax will pick it up.
  4. Now place the diamond drill on to canvas.
  5. For storage of diamond drills: put the rest of them back into the package, fold and then clip with a paper clip. Or into a zip bag and seal closed.
  6. For storage of canvas: Cover with plastic film (sticker side up!) Roll the canvas with the diamond drills facing out.



Additional information

Kit Includes

1. Canvas
2. Drills to complete the picture
3. Tools (pen, wax, tray, bags)


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